Anadrol dosage tailoring your dose to your needs is something you should know about before you take it. You cannot simply use Anadrol without understanding the dose you should be taking. With that said, we’ll discuss doses and then you can decide which one you should try.

Base Doses

Most people take 50mg of Anadrol per day. This dose is usually ideal for beginners, but is usually suitable for longtime steroid users. This dose is powerful enough to produce impressive muscle and strength gains. With this dosage amount, it’s easy to gain up to 20lbs in the first four weeks. Anadrol tablets are 50mg each, which means the dosing protocol is easy to remember.

Low Dosage

50mg is what most people take as their dosage amount, but if you are brand new to steroids and want to take it easy, then 25mg is a good dosage protocol to follow. This is a much safer dose for beginners and if any side effects are experienced, then they shouldn’t be too severe. If you take 25mg per day, then you should still be able to gain around 15-20 pounds of solid muscle within a month or two.

High Doses

Most men won’t ever have to take more than 50mg per day, but some do desire more. Just remember, if you take more than 50mg of Anadrol per day, then you are putting your health at serious risk. Some men do choose to take up to 100mg per day, but it’s recommended never to exceed that amount because you are almost guaranteed to suffer horrible side effects. Plus, you likely won’t grow much if you take 100mg per day because your appetite will decrease. If you don’t eat, then you won’t grow, even if you’re taking steroids and lifting heavy.

Anadrol dosages can easily be tailored. However, if you don’t want to suffer unwanted side effects and you don’t want to stress out over how much of it you should take, then take a legal alternative to Anadrol. You’ll get the same results, but without the hassle of worrying about dosages and side effects.