Doctor Oz has the ears of millions of Americans. Even though he has the ears of millions of Americans, there are thousands of doctors who wish he did not. Although he is known as a renowned heart surgeon, he has been more than willing to use his name to sell products. Many of the products advertised on his show claim to have weight loss benefits. Few of them actually do. There is a reason why doctors tend to role their eyes whenever the name of this talk show host is mentioned. He promoted one product, garcinia cambogia is a miracle weight loss cure.

The obvious answer to the question is no. This product offers no benefit over controlled diet and exercise. Some people may achieve extra appetite suppression through something known as the placebo effect. Although the placebo effect takes place in a person’s mind, it does not mean it is not real. Doctors have used it on occasion. Even one episode of the classic television show M*A*S*H required doctors to use it. In the M*A*S*H episode the 4077 ran out of actual pain killers and needed to make patients believe they received an effective product. It worked, too. Although the placebo effect seldom works as well in real life.

Anyone who watches the Doctor Oz show should do so purely for entertainment value. Its medical advice is best described as occasionally accurate. Some of the products will work for some people, but the average user just ends up wasting his or her money. Someone can get some healthy snacks from Costco and Sam’s Club that use the product, but a healthy snack is all the person should expect. There may be some health benefits to this and other products, but they probably will not help a person lose weight any faster than they would have otherwise.