Within the fitness and health circles, there are a plethora of bodybuilding supplements, each promising a blend of unique ingredients capable of producing amazing results. One of the most common and most attention-grabbing of these supplements are the prohormones. They are marketed as the magic bullets for adding slabs of muscles and the answers to body fat burning. Because all these seem too good to be true, probably there is some truth behind the claims. In connection to this, therefore, here is a quick peep to the prohormones world.

What Are Prohormones?

Prohormones (or pro hormones) are not real hormones, but unique compounds that have the potential of boosting the effects of actual hormones in the body. This means that most hormones in our bodies have corresponding pro hormones. The prohormones will augment the effect of the corresponding body hormone and increase its production.

In other words, when you take prohormones, they are converted into active anabolic hormones through natural enzymatic processes. It is these products of such conversion processes that are considered as anabolic steroids, especially if they are consumed in already converted forms. The need for naturally produced enzymes and the required conversion processes are some of the top elements that separate them from illegal anabolic steroids. – prohormone website.

How They Work

A prohormone work by boosting the level of your body’s anabolic hormones which in turn stimulate androgen receptors to increase in size and build up strength. They signal digested nutrients to be utilized in muscle building process and limits the amount available for fat storage.

The capability of a pro hormone in the body is, however, limited by the availability of the required enzymatic reactions. Accordingly, there is usually some ceiling to the amount of prohormones that you can take at given period of time. This limits the extent of muscle building that you can achieve as well as the potential side effects that you are exposed to, especially when they are compared to anabolic steroids. Nonetheless, their effects on your body, on a smaller degree, mirror those of anabolic steroids.

The Difference between Steroids and Pro Hormones

Generally, pro hormones are considerably weaker forms of anabolic steroids. Accordingly, most of pro hormones in the market aren’t illegal (of course some are). As a matter of fact, pro hormones were developed in response to ban of the conventional anabolic steroids. So instead of supplementing your fitness and bodybuilding efforts with pure hormones (such as testosterone), you take pre-cursors to the respective hormones—legal prohormones. This increases the production of the hormone while also boosting its effects.


As aforementioned, pro hormones are indirect ways of increasing the level of testosterone in the body. This has a plethora of positive benefits. To begin with, it enhances rapid muscle building. It also promotes your body’s metabolism which in turn speeds up the rate of fat burning significantly. Considering the steroidal influence that the prohormones have on the body, such effects are quite significant. In fact, they are more pronounced than natural supplements that are known to promote similar effects.

Bottom Line

Athletes and bodybuilders can benefit from prohormones because of their potential to bring the balance in the body that’s hard to achieve via diet and training alone. However, given that they are ridiculously hyped, to get the best or the strongest prohormone, you have to carry meticulous research on what suits your needs. Whether you plan to buy prohormones online or off local drug stores, endeavor to seek out opinions and read as many prohormone reviews as you can find to avoid ending with a counterfeited product.