Playing any sport is a great way to improve your fitness — something that tends to get neglected as we age. Those who have experience in their younger years should have an easier time going back to their passion. Others who have never been particularly active may find it more difficult to learn something new. This is a barrier that a lot of people face. The good news is that there are plenty of options that you can choose with a few having very little barriers to entry. A good example of this is running which can be characterized as the simplest of all sports.

A Natural Movement

Running is something that virtually everyone has done since they were young. This is especially true back in the day when playing with friends meant going out the door and sprinting all across the streets screaming, “Tag!” We know how to do it instinctively, as indeed our ancestors had to run to hunt for food and escape predators. We still have this in our genes and it is easy to reactivate it whenever we want to. It may be a bit difficult at first if you haven’t done so in a while but the body quickly adapts to the stimulus.

Low Gear Requirement

There are sports that call for multiple equipment before you can even begin. This is not so with running as you can basically start with whatever you have. There are even people who go around barefoot and swear by it. Of course, they’ve had the chance to adapt to the constant pounding so beginners shouldn’t go this route right away. But nearly any sneaker will do for short jogs while running shoes can be bought when you decide to get serious about the sport. Comfortable clothes that are light and breathable will also help.

Anytime, Anywhere Convenience

You will not have to drive to a particular field or court to run. Just step out the door and the world is your playground — open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the perfect sport for busy individuals as you won’t have to waste time commuting around a city. For those living in out in the country, it’s even more enjoyable as there are likely to be trails that offer great views in all directions. Those who like to do their workouts in a gym can finish their run on a treadmill before hitting the weights.

Meditation or Social Activity

This sport can be tailored to each individual preference. Extroverts can join clubs and sign up for races to share their experience with other people. It can be an enriching social activity that allows you to meet many new friends. Introverts can train alone if they want to since there is no opposition required and no scores to measure. You are essentially in competition with only yourself and you decide what your own goals are. Use the time as meditation or stress relief while improving your fitness if you’d like to. You can also chase times and seek bigger milestones.