Superdrol or methyldrostanolone can be roughly described as the oral form of Masteron. However, both steroid supplements differ greatly in their chemical composition. Since one of the two is legally sold over the counter, it’s counterpart has been blacklisted by the FDA and is no longer in sale.

History of Superdrol

Super anadrol is one of those steroid supplements with a short lived glory. It first appeared in the market in 2005 as an anabolic steroid alternative to Masteron and Anadrol. Unfortunately, it was banned from use by 2006, not because it exhibited adverse side effects but its relevance was rendered null. – best Superdrol for sale | buy Superdrol pills online 2018.

Before 2005, Super anadrol was first manufactured in 1956 as Methyldrostanolone. It was released at the same time as the legally approved Drostanolone but was never marketed aggressively. By the time it hit the market, there were already anabolic steroid rivals that could do its job, hence the early eviction.

Chemical composition

The anabolic steroid differs from Masteron or Anadrol from their chemical composition. Methyldrostanolone contains an extra methyl compound at the 17th carbon position giving it the ability to be administered orally. There is an additional methyl group at the 2nd carbon position boosting the anabolic abilities of the steroid. Hence the name Superdrol as a word play of ‘Super Anadrol’. So why the early ban?

Functions of Super Anadrol

Despite the theoretic belief that the anabolic steroid would work twice as fast, bodybuilders and athletes say there is not that much difference to make this steroid exclusive. Well, there were significant gains when supplementing with methyldrostanolone, but not that much to make it the go-to steroid supplement.

The only unique advantage Superdrol has on its counterparts is the ability to preserve lean muscle. When the body is in a calorie deficient state, it draws its energy from muscle tissue as opposed to body fat. This is not the effect a fitness trainee on a high protein diet wants, which makes more sense why there are still traces of methyldrostanolone in the market.

Super anadrol protects the lean muscle tissues during a calorie deficient state. This leaves the body with no option but to convert body fat into energy. Simultaneously, the steroid supplement will promote rapid replication of muscle cells causing a faster mass building process. This is why bodybuilders on methyldrostanolone pills have a leaner dryer look compared to their rivals.

The only problem is the fact that super anadrol doesn’t have a good water retention ability. Moreover, if you don’t supplement enough with the anabolic steroid, you may end up gaining more fat despite protecting your muscle cells. Thus with methyldrostanolone, you may have to work twice as much to maintain the dream body you want.

Side effects of Super Anadrol

Methyldrostanolone may have some serious effects on your cardiovascular system since it lowers good cholesterol in favor of bad cholesterol. This is why it is not advisable to supplement with the product if you have cholesterol or high blood pressure issues. Lucky enough, the anabolic steroid has no estrogenic side effects but possible androgenic effects include hair loss or acne outbreak. The biggest concern is how Super anadrol negatively affects those with cholesterol or liver issues.

Purchasing the Supplement

Unfortunately you cannot buy Superdrol off the counter like other legal steroids. The only place you will discover superdrol for sale are in black market supplies.