The Pressure To Use Steroids: Should You Do It?

For most athletes, the pressure to compete and win is tremendous. Think about it; the hard work, effort, dieting, working out, etc. everything is targeted towards winning a competition and being the best in a particular sport. It’s a fulltime job for most athletes but it’s not that easy. All of us know that there are thousands of athletes doing the same thing that you are doing. They are probably working on it fulltime as well and they are doing exactly what you are doing to win. So what makes you different or are you any different?

Can you win?

This just means you have terrific competition and standing out in the crowd is going to be tough, if not impossible .

The Pressure to Excel Is Always There

The pressure to excel is always there and it has led several athletes off the straight and narrow. For example, top athletes like Ben Johnson and Olympiad Ivanova were stripped of their title as they were caught on a routine drug test using Stanozolol. These are not isolated cases as several prominent athletes have faced a similar situation. They have been banned from their sports but in their post-ban interviews, they have all been unanimous in saying that peer pressure and competition pressure pushed them towards steroids. They pointed out that the best steroid cycles did help them put on weight and get in shape but this was accompanied with significant anxiety and negative self imaging .

American Ninja Star contestants like Patrick Hall pointed out that despite being fit and strong; he was still unable to win contests. It did not help that other athletes were using some of the best steroid cycle and best steroid stacks store on the market to help them get in shape. The tremendous peer pressure resulted in him also resorting to the use of the best steroid stack to get in shape. But he also stated that he gave up the steroids after he gained what he had set out to achieve.

For the average bodybuilder, this is a tough time. When top-line athletes are comfortable using steroids, it sends confusing signals who want to do it the old-fashioned way. Furthermore, these athletes seemed to be doing a good job of staying away from the steroids when they had achieved what they had set out to do.

In The End

It all comes down to winning and careful use of a steroid or a steroid cycle is not dangerous. Users can control their side-effects by modifying their steroid intake. Although long-term use of any drug is not advised, short-term use of steroids is indicated in medical conditions as well. Moreover, users have reported good muscle mass formation and increased energy. A smart athlete can easily gain or lose weight and reach top-performance levels in one or two months with the right steroid stack or steroid stacks. After that, they can switch over to conventional workout routines and effective diet control to stabilize what they have gained with steroid use. The media does tend to sensationalize the negative effect of steroids cycles but it is unethical to say that steroid cycles are all bad. They do have their advantages. Over-use is dangerous but smart-use is beneficial.