It’s been months since you resolved to start working out and get fit, and perhaps things haven’t panned out as you planned. Maybe you started out strong, only to slack off after encountering some hurdles. No matter what your situation is, you could use some motivation to keep the flame alive with regular exercise. So, how do you kick-start your fitness routine and keep it moving in top gear?

Outline Clear Objectives

Specific plans are much easier to follow and adhere to than vague ones. And you need to keep this in mind when outlining your approach to fitness. Instead of unclear propositions, set specific, tangible goals, and determine how you’ll achieve them. Realistic goals will not only make your journey less-overwhelming, but it also becomes easier to figure out the next step once a goal has been accomplished.

Write it Down

Prioritize your exercise sessions as you would any other important event, and write them down in your schedule. Proper planning keeps the guesswork out of what you’re going to do every day, and also hold you accountable. Furthermore, keeping a log of what you’ve already done makes it easier to track progress. You can also make up for days (or weeks) where you didn’t do as much as you planned.

Get a Workout Partner

It’s much harder to abandon plans you’ve made with others than the ones you’ve made by yourself. Applying this kind of commitment to your workout strategy means you’re more likely to stick with it. So set up exercise time with a friend, or search online for active people in your area.

Join a Fitness Club

It’s not always possible to find exercise partners every day of the week. This is where clubs come into play. Here, you’ll be provided with a schedule with various times to meet, and you’ll simply need to show up. If you can’t find a suitable club within your area, you could also join informal soccer and basketball pick-up games.

Learn Something New

A change is as good as a rest. Injecting something new and interesting into your routine is a good way to maintain interest. If this sounds too radical for you, honing a skill you’ve let sit idle for a while would still work.

Finding the motivation to stay fit can be quite hard. With so many distractions, you need to find ways to keep yourself going. Don’t forget to reward yourself for the milestones you hit along the way.