5 Profitable eCommerce Business Ideas to Try in 2020

These days, eCommerce appears to be taking over the United States. With more and more consumers relying on digital experiences and online shopping booming, it makes perfect sense why you might want to consider getting in on the action. Of course, with such a crowded field, how do you develop a business that will truly stick out?

From getting involved in the CBD industry to considering liquidation and reselling, there are plenty of options you can consider if you’re ready to start your own eCommerce shop.


To say CBD is the latest craze would be an understatement. The market seemed relatively small several years ago but now you can see CBD wholesale products growing in popularity. CBD – cannabidiol – is derived from the hemp plant and contains no THC, the psychoactive compound. Since there’s no THC, the legality is less complicated. CBD products like CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, and CBD gummies are making waves in the U.S. and the highest quality products can sell for a solid amount. Wholesale CBD products are simple to acquire, as well. Just look for pure CBD from an industrial hemp farm and make sure you can verify the potency. You can choose from different formulators to find the right flavors and terpenes. Wholesale CBD is booming, so take advantage.


If you’ve ever considered selling a pallet of liquidation goods, you’re not alone. Many popular retail stores sell their goods by the truckload. Take retail giant Lowes, for instance. You can score top products like drills, grinders, table saws, and power tools through Lowes liquidation and then turn those products around for a solid profit. Whether you’re looking to sell hand tools, shop vacs, or chainsaws, shelves, or other retail goods, becoming a reseller might be the perfect option for your entrepreneurial talents. Check out a liquidation online auction to see what wholesale products you could score.


There’s always going to be a market for electronics. You can even get some name-brand goods at wholesale prices. If you offer a broad spectrum of tablets, TVs, and consoles, you could find yourself with a solid business on your hands. You can even visit online auctions to get great prices on lightly-used electronics and retail store returns. Just make sure you know how to bid competitively because online auctions can fill up fairly quickly. In particular, smart home products are more in-demand than ever before. If it’s your first time shopping for electronics, it’s a good idea to find products that will give you a limited warranty or to bid on goods that come with quality guarantees.


While it may not always seem like it, writing eBooks can help you turn a tidy profit. It’s great if you write as a hobby and are wondering if you could ever turn it into a career. Whether you’re writing books on wellness, pickup trucks, or the science of heavy metals, there are plenty of audiences for different kinds of eBooks and online literature. You can either sell through a top website, self-publish on Amazon, or start your own online shop.

Kid Products

From strollers to pop-up books and board games, there’s always a market for affordable products for children. If you offer a full spectrum of goods and options, mothers everywhere will take an interest in your eCommerce business. Just make sure your products ship in child-safe packaging.

Whether you’re selling CBD edibles, vapes, topicals, and other CBD products, or you’re visiting auctions to score some affordable goods, there are ways to start a solid, lasting eCommerce business. It takes some hustle and innovation, but it can be done.

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