5 Tips for Running a Successful Ministry

How do you measure success when it comes to ministry? Is it the number of weekly attendees? The level of altruistic work you do in the community? The monthly tithes and offerings? When push comes to shove, a “successful” church follows the father’s number one rule — love God and love people. If you’re looking to run a ministry that abounds in this level of success, here are five quick tips to get you started.

It is in giving that we receive.

As with most areas of life, running a ministry requires balance. God promises to provide to those who are obedient to him to a place of overflow. This surplus of a provision isn’t meant to give us the security that we have more than we need. God gives in abundance so we can take our excess and pour it out to those who are less fortunate. Remember that you’re meant to keep some of his provisions to sustain yourself. Give your ministry what it needs, then pour the rest to those around you.

Spiritual gifts are gifts to others.

God has uniquely imparted each of his children with certain spiritual gifts. Encourage your congregation to determine their spiritual gifts and find ways they can use them within the church. One of your weekly attendees may have participated in a web design program and can help boost your online presence. A member of your staff could have studied education and can develop a creative children’s ministry. These aptitudes are given so that we may serve and share with others.


Control is not yours to have.

Don’t overwhelm your schedule with an obsessive need for control. Bearing fruit requires teamwork and delegation. Trust that your staff and volunteer team are well suited for the tasks in their hands. Give out responsibilities with clear intentions and helpful guidance. The men and women in clergy shirts don’t have to be the only ones making an impact on your congregation. Your parking attendant could be the reason someone decides to come to church for the first time. God uses those he chooses in his own way. Trust that those on your team will be open to that calling and do what God has placed on their hearts.

Let the children come to me.

When children were brought to where Jesus was preaching to be blessed, his disciples ushered them away. Jesus told his followers to let them come, for God’s kingdom belongs to those with child-like faith. The next generation of believers is a vital part of your ministry. Remember to serve them in the same manner that you serve your elders. Whether you create a multi-classroom children’s ministry or space for young believers of all ages to meet, teach God’s word to them. Proverbs 22:6 says that if you raise them in the way, they won’t turn from it as they age. These innocent-hearted children will someday grow to be the next leaders of the church.


Don’t lose sight.

Remember that at the end of the day, your church will be a success so long as it serves God’s people. You don’t need a bounding worship band, overflow seating and fancy light displays to impress God. The best way you can serve your father in Heaven is by serving his children. Never lose sight of the vision of God. Treat every member of your congregation, staff, volunteer team, and community as your brothers and sisters. Read scripture, be the hands and feet of Jesus, and keep your eyes fixed on him. He will fill you, and your church, to a place of overflow in his name.

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