Interested in Starting a Modern Farm? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Agriculture has always been essential. Farmers play an incredibly important role; farming has been a key factor in developing civilization for as long as we can remember. While traditional farming has played a huge role for centuries, modernization is affecting everything, especially farming.

As technology and science evolve, farmers are figuring out how to keep up with adapting right along with it. Starting a modern farm is definitely no easy task, but here are a couple of things to know for when you’re ready to take on that task:

Getting Your Books Together

Not only are you becoming a farmer, but you’re now also a business owner! Before you get your seeds planted and animals situated, you’ll need to set up a business plan. Having a business plan will set you apart from being a blank check company. This business plan will help you determine how to run and market your farm. Learn more about creating a business plan for your farm here.

In addition to your business plan, you’ll also need to establish your payroll system. It’s a good idea to look into check issuing companies; in particular, Smart Payables. This company offers a variety of services, including online payments, payroll check system, 1099s and W-2s, and so much more. Visit Smart Payables to see all of their services that can benefit your farm!

If you’re looking for assistance in funding your farm to start off with, consider getting a convenience check from a credit card company. You can also look into getting a cash advance from a credit card company. For more options in funding your farm, visit here.

Learn All You Can

Before you’re ready to run a farm, take the time to learn everything you can about the industry. Finding a mentor or a colleague that you can shadow and work under is essential; hands-on training is always going to work in your favor.

If you’re not in school, consider taking courses and classes that cover agriculture. Seek an internship where you can gain some experience. Knowledge is essential in any business you pursue, and the more you know, the better your farm will grow!

Visit sites such as Beginning FarmersModern Farmer and Farm Aid to read up on all things agriculture! Become familiar with the farming world by referring to these sites often.

Once you’re ready to start your modern farm, take some time to download apps that will help with running the farm properly. There are several farming apps that will track the weather, planting and soil data to help keep the farm up and thriving. Apps like FarmHand, Farmeron and Climate App are excellent resources to start with.

Essential Resources

Besides getting tractors, special equipment, and other related tools, you’re going to need some resources for your farm. Depending on what your market is, you’ll have to search and obtain resources that are necessary for the overall growth of the farm. Let’s say you have cattle; they’ll need some type of feed, right?

A good solution for that would be Conway Feed and Hay. Founded by Kyle Conway, Conway Feed and Hay provides animal feed to farms everywhere across the country. As a high-quality and wholesome hay distributor, they sell Alfalfa Hay, Bermuda Grass, and Teff Grass.

You can find more important resources that fulfill your farm’s needs here. Modern farming differs from traditional farming, but at the end of the day, better results are being produced at a better rate. As long as you refer to these tips and the sources listed, you’ll be able to successfully start a modern farm that will grow efficiently!

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