3 Tools That Will Help You Market and Operate Your eCommerce Business

One of the gravest mistakes new business owners make is trying to be Mr. or Mrs. Everything. Building a great business is more than a one-person job, the same as playing a symphony. The role of an entrepreneur is to provide their company and team members with the tools and room to be successful. Knowing when to use external tools and services is also part of building a successful brick-and-mortar or online business.

Indeed, it’s good to do what you can yourself when you’re a business owner, but sometimes you also must be willing to hand the reins over to people who know more than you. After all, you’re the maestro of an orchestra rather than a one-man-band. Continue reading to learn what tools and services you should consider outsourcing to grow your startup into a long-term success.

1. Accounting


The main reason for opening a business, other than the opportunity to be your own boss, is to make money. However, building a profitable company requires more than merely charging people more for your products than they cost you in overhead. Honestly, if you’re not an accountant or financial guru, it’s a good idea to outsource your bookkeeping needs to a certified public accountant (CPA), especially if you have a brick-and-mortar and an eCommerce store.

Fully Accountable is one of the top eCommerce CPA firms in the United States. They have years of experience helping business owners to keep better track of their budget and ensure the accuracy of your brick-and-mortar revenue and your eCommerce accounts.

The last thing you want to worry about while growing your small business is whether or not you have money for payroll, essential projects, and services. Hiring accounting professionals full-time is beyond the budget of most startups, meaning it’s a better idea to outsource to an accounting firm than hire a CPA.

2. Digital Marketing


You have to have a digital marketing strategy to grow your brand awareness these days. True, television commercials are great, but online marketing is much more affordable and equally effective. Indeed, without a digital strategy, your marketing efforts aren’t even scratching the surface of their potential.

Social media and website video productions are a great way to spread the message of your business to the masses without busting your budget. Even though you can shoot your own product videos for social media and your eCommerce business, it’s best to leave the video production to a video production company.

Whether shooting a corporate video for potential investors or an explainer video for consumers, your content needs to be relevant and captivating. With the right online marketing strategy, you can attract new customers, increase domain authority, and make positive lasting impressions on your viewers. Who knows? You could even become the next big influencer.

3. Project Management


Business structuring is integral to building a self-sufficient company framework. However, if you’re not experienced at team building and business structuring, it can be enough to make you pull out your hair and toss it at your vision board.

Project management consultants have experienced team builders and company organizers. They also know how to identify people’s strengths and find the ideal position for them within the company structure. With their help, you can transform your company culture and make your business the type of place where team members look forward to showing up for work.

Building a successful company is hard work, but the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. You can grow your startup into a large, successful corporation with the right tools, services, and people. Digital marketing, accounting, and project management are three of the most important functions for small business owners. A great entrepreneur is like a maestro because they know how to bring people together for a common goal, so maybe you should be more like a maestro, rather than a lead guitarist.