How Do Different Types of Law Work?

Every legal situation and case is different. The reality is that the legal field and legal processes can be complex, especially in the United States. For this reason, lawyers specialize in a specific area of law they find the most interesting or where they hope to make the biggest difference. Maybe you’re considering applying to law school but aren’t sure which area of law might interest you. Perhaps you are wondering what makes different types of law unique or even of interest to certain lawyers. For a closer look at four specific areas of law and how they work, read on.

Personal Injury Law


Many people are familiar with the general idea of personal injury law because it is so heavily advertised. This type of law is pretty straightforward. If you or someone you love is hurt due to another person’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness, personal injury lawyers work toward getting you fair compensation for your injuries. A personal injury case could mean payment for future medical expenses, medical bills related to your injury, and money for pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers work to establish a fair amount of compensation based on how long you might be out of work and how severe your injury is. These lawyers also work with birth injury cases for mothers and children hurt during the delivery process.

Maybe you live near Chicago and were recently involved in a car accident. Calling a personal injury lawyer in Illinois for a free consultation would be the first step toward legal advice and a personal injury lawsuit.

If you’re someone who hopes to practice this type of law, you’ll want to be familiar with insurance companies and laws around medical malpractice. Heavy on paperwork, this type of law generally requires an attorney with strong written communication skills.

Administrative Law


Lesser known than personal injury law and personal injury attorneys are administrative lawyers who work with large organizations and governments on complex litigation. Much like Malliha Wilson, administrative lawyers are often involved with human and civil rights cases at the governmental level. These passionate advocates of equal rights work toward making sure businesses and governments treat people fairly.

Administrative lawyers are often called upon to help with the legal end of big policy legislation. For this reason, they can work closely with politicians and government representatives. Anyone who’s passionate about social justice and fairness when it comes to equal rights might find contentment with a career built around administrative law. This is an area wherein you’ll be able to make a big difference that impacts many people but can also come with extreme political pressures.

Criminal Law


There are two major types of criminal law—defense and prosecution. Defense lawyers work toward helping their client’s prove their innocence, make plea arrangements, or reduce their sentence and penalties, after having been accused of a crime. Defense attorneys are often passionate about the criminal justice system and work to see that people are treated fairly after being accused of a crime. Some defense lawyers work the government as public defenders.

Prosecutors who represent the state, country, or county they work for also work for the government. These litigators represent the people of the area they serve by prosecuting people accused of crimes. Lawyers who work for the state as prosecutors often work closely with defense attorneys to strike plea deals and mediate cases before they reach the trial phase. For cases that go to trial, these lawyers will present findings of evidence from investigations to the judge or jury to prove their case.

If you’re someone considering applying to law school with an interest in criminal law, one way to start your application journey is to hire a law school counselor who will be able to help you prepare your personal statement and even unravel whether you’d be happier working for the defense or prosecution.

Family Law


Most people are familiar with family lawyers because of divorce and custody issues. While these attorneys do handle custody issues, the dissolution of marriages, and the splitting of assets, they also work with family courts as advocates for children. Family attorneys are often brought into cases of foster care, adoption, and the termination of parental rights for at risk children. These attorneys are generally passionate about kids and families and spend the bulk of their careers working to minimize risk to children who live with challenging family circumstances.

Whether you’ve always been fascinated by law, are considering becoming an applicant to law school, or are facing a lawsuit, few can argue that the law isn’t complex and interesting. Whether you have years of experience in personal injury claims as someone who works at an insurance company, are involved with a lawsuit, or if you enjoy following court cases to watch verdicts play out, your interests regarding legal rights and the law will be helpful for understanding the legal process overall.