How to Shop for Friends With Specific Interests

We all have that one friend (or a couple of friends) who baffles us when we think about something to get them. But considering that, due to the pandemic, roughly 42 percent of people living in the U.S. reported symptoms of anxiety and depression in December 2020 (according to a recent article in Medical News Today), surprising them with a gift likely be worth the hassle to make them smile.

The easiest way to find a great gift is to think of your friend’s specific interests and think of items that would be an effective way to communicate that you listen to them about their hobbies. Check out these gifts that fit people with specific interests:

For the Loud One

Whether it’s to decorate a music room, conference room, playroom, or to get some privacy from the people next door, these soundproof panels are a great option to decorate with while simultaneously offering sound absorption. If your friend has even once mentioned the desire to have a soundproof room, this could be the ideal gift. With six different shapes, five different patterns, and twenty-six different colors to choose from, you can create your own design or pick from some of the designs already created. This way, your friend gets some fun wall art and the benefits of sound absorption technology.

Sure, you could go with soundproof foam from Home Depot, but that will most likely be more expensive and far less attractive. These soundproof squares get you great sound quality in the room and an attractive decorative wall piece that adds texture to the room with sound absorption material. Not only do these soundproof tiles assist in keeping out unwanted noise, but they also provide better acoustics in the room they’re installed in, making them the perfect gift for musicians and/or movie enthusiasts.

The better acoustics and soundproof technology also make working from home during the pandemic so much easier. The tiles easily stick to textured walls or painted drywall with easy-to-use peel and stick adhesive tabs that won’t rip off paint. Plus, they’re easy to clean! Just some warm water and a rag for accidental stains, and you’re good to go.

For the Smoker

Whether it’s from campfires, cigarette smoke, or smoking weed, there’s no denying that the smell of smoke tends to linger on your clothes and hair, blankets, and heck, even the curtains and the upholstery on the sofa if you smoke indoors. Considering roughly 14 percent of American adults smoke cigarettes (according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) and 22 percent of American adults between 18-29 smoke marijuana (and these are just the ones who admit it), according to Statista; it seems safe to say this is a problem a lot of your friends face too.

As most smokers know, the smoke smell can stink and leave you wondering how to get smoke smell out of clothes. The EASIEST way to illuminate that smoke smell from your clothes is with Veil odor eliminator spray. Veil spray won’t stain fabrics and is eco-friendly and non-toxic, all while being superior at removing odors (especially that weed smoke odor). Coming in either an 8-ounce or a 2-ounce spray bottle, this product is the best way to rid your clothing of the smell of smoke and replace it with sweet scents of orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar.

Another way to reduce the smoke smell on your clothes is to wear clothing with natural fibers instead of synthetic as synthetic materials allow smoke molecules to set in more easily. Also, experimenting with what is added to the washer can be helpful. Maybe you need to start using hot water (be sure to check labels)? You can also experiment by adding natural ingredients such as white vinegar or baking soda in with the detergent in your next load of laundry to get rid of the smell on your smoky clothes. Another tip is making sure you smoke outdoors in the fresh air or hang your clothes on a clothesline to air them out to reduce the smell of smoke on garments.

For the Glamorous One

Consider making a “glam gift bag” with an assortment of fancy beauty tools such as top-of-the-line press-on nails, some face masks, their favorite shade of lipstick, and some magnetic lashes with liner. With the pandemic, it’s likely your glam friend is hurting for some lash extensions about now. Luckily, with magnetic lashes from Glamnetic, you can get them something even better than a long and expensive appointment at the salon with these easy-to-apply lash extensions.

Say goodbye to the days of awful lash glue and say hello to magnetic eyelashes. By applying the magnetic eyeliner to the eyelid, the magnetic lashes easily attach to the lash line. If you think your friend would prefer the look of more natural lashes without magnetic eyeliner, you can purchase tiny magnets that will hold the magnetic lashes in place for them. Glamnetic now also sells accessories and press-on nails sure to make your beauty-deprived friend smile as they await the end of the pandemic.

For the One “Going Green”

A 2019 article from Forbes reported that as many as 93 percent of people living in Australia and the United States display a general concern about the environment and 77 percent of these people desire to learn more about sustainability. If you have a friend who has been concerned about their environmental impact, they may appreciate you helping them find cleaner products for the environment.

For example, dryer balls to replace dryer sheets, laundry soaps that are eco-friendly (and gentler on the washing machine) that don’t use plastic bottles, natural bars of soap to replace all those plastic bottles, shower, bamboo products, reusable water bottles, etc. There are many easy ways to switch out everyday products for eco-friendly alternatives, from charcoal and lemon-scented options to biodegradable packaging.