How to Conduct a Quick Home Sell

A quick home sale for the highest market price is always a great idea regardless of your reasons for parting with your property. The longer houses remain on the market, the less valuable they become, so speed is essential to get as much value from your home as possible.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to ensure that any property you list for sale moves quickly on the housing market. Below are some valuable insights worth remembering to conduct a quick home sale when the need arises.

Find a great real estate agent.


Partnering with a successful realtor is an essential first step to take when you decide to put your home on the market. Your real estate agent serves as the primary point of contact between you and potential buyers by crafting your listing, scheduling showings, and marketing your home. Also, an agent’s help is necessary to get top dollar for your property since homes sold without a realtor’s help typically go for thousands of dollars less than those sold by experienced realtors.

Alternatively, you can sell directly to a wholesaler who’ll pass on your property to ready cash buyers at their end. These wholesalers ensure that you get your money faster than working with a traditional agent, so they usually work with property owners who need to offload houses in days. Trusted cash home buyers such as Sell Quick California can help you sell your home quickly in all parts of California.

Sell Quick California is a real estate solutions brand that makes fair cash offers for ready-to-sell houses all around California. For many California residents, selling their homes is the right option to get rid of their unwanted property and ugly houses, avoid foreclosure, escape expensive home repairs, move on after a divorce, among various other reasons. Therefore, these homeowners typically search for “we buy houses California” on major search engines to find ready home buyers willing to purchase their properties. Sell Quick California gives you a fair offer regardless of the condition of your house, so you don’t have to conduct home repairs, clean your property, or face any inspections before selling.

Also, they offer home sellers maximum flexibility in the cash sale process, allowing them to pick their preferred closing dates. Additionally, the entire process is 100% transparent, with no hidden fees, home repairs, or realtors involved. What’s more, these problem-solvers go out of their way to help solve your real estate problems, and they even demonstrate how they generate your home price estimate to ensure total transparency.

Be smart about your listing price.

Listing your house for the highest possible price appears logical since you want to get top dollar from your property sales. Besides, buyers will likely negotiate prices down, so it makes sense to peg your home value at the top, for starters. However, this approach might not be the brightest idea for a quick home sale because most buyers aren’t interested in protracted negotiations when securing properties. Consequently, find the right price that isn’t too expensive to put off prospective buyers or too low to saddle you with losses afterward.

To find the best price for your home, you can check out how many other houses in the neighborhood are going for and list your property according to marketing value. This way, you can even create a bidding war to get you an excellent offer for your property. Also, consider sweetening the deal for potential home buyers by conducting key home improvements, like replacing your kitchen appliances to give this space a more modern look. These appliances are so essential to your comfort as a homeowner that investing in-home warranty plans is a good idea to cover these gadgets and other major home systems. Leading home warranty companies such as AFC Home Club can help with this need.

AFC Home Club provides the best home warranty in California, protecting homeowners in the area against high, unexpected costs when major appliances and systems need repairs or replacement. Their experienced service technicians ensure your plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other major systems covered by your warranty are quickly repaired when they break down. Refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and water heaters are some of the vital home appliances their warranty plans cover. You can also select optional add-on coverage for your septic system, sump pump, well pump, among others. Service contracts like home warranties demand that customers pay deductibles or service call fees each time they make service requests. With AFC Home Club, California homeowners enjoy a set amount when they purchase their warranties, so you can always find affordable options that work best for your budget.

Enhance your curb appeal.

First impressions count in the house-buying process, so enhancing your home’s curb appeal is a great way to facilitate a quick sale. Therefore, focus on exterior upgrades like painting your front door, mowing your lawns, and washing your windows to make a great first impression on clients. Additionally, you can invest in upgrading interior spaces like bathrooms and kitchens since these areas are essential to home buyers. Professional bathroom remodeling brands such as Lux Bath will come in handy when seeking the best contractors for your shower remodeling and replacement needs.

Lux Bath is a premier shower remodeling enterprise catering to homeowners in the Pittsburgh area. Their experienced contractors can install your Luxstone showers to transform your bathroom space. These KOHLER showers are installed using a three-step process that guarantees quick and straightforward renovation. Also, Lux Bath designs all types of new showers, combining shower walls and bases in endless ways to achieve clients’ desires. Furthermore, they allow you to fully customize all details of your shower modifications, including your bathtub, faucets, and showerheads and are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited enterprise.

Invest in professional photography.

Your house’s photos count when selling your property, so investing in professional photography is the way to go to sell your home fast. Clients need to be impressed with photos on listings before deciding to attend your open house to see for themselves, so these photos have to be sharp for maximum effect. You can invest in a suitable cloud storage device with much space to keep your listing photographs and other file types. Some of the best cloud storage for photos come in 1 TB, 2TB of storage, and 3TB that allow for online file storage. Unlike a NAS, many of the best cloud storage devices even allow you to backup files from smartphones and other mediums regularly in one central location and stay on top of your storage needs using mobile apps.

Quickly selling your home might be a top priority due to various reasons. The points above are some tips to help you sell your property fast when the need arises.